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have not listed the work according to genre but by price, higher to lower. This page does not show well on mobile phones - you'll just have to puzzle it out. If all fails, text or email me with your question.

One of the paintings to which I am most attached. These 'neighbours' of ours often visit. This particular evening they were hoping for strawberries dipped in chocolate.

Visitors at twilight. Oil on stretched canvas.

72cmx45cm including 2cm frame. £300

Njord. (Viking god of wind and water) Acrylic on box canvas 200cmx60cm £250

Homage to The beekeeper of Aleppo. Mixed media. 30"x24" unframed £250 (all of which will go to the Campaign Against the Arms Trade)

See the blog about this one! Therefore, officially £300 (I have my integrity you know) but I'd probably take £200 if you tried me!

This is Aunty Joan. She is still loved, a decade after her death. You can see Aunty in one of the miniature paintings taken from old family photographs.  (at the end of this list) She is wearing her daring white two piece while on the beach with her mother.

This is from the sketches I made of her when she slept. 

In dementia. Mixed media. 21x31" including frame.

£250, £200 of which will go to Dementia UK.

Hiding the pain. One day I'll blog the story behind this one, meanwhile...

Mixed media on paper, including barbed wire. Heavy box frame.

26"x27" x3" depth       £280

Disaffected rainbow. Acrylic.  17x32.5" including frame. £200

The colours are too dark in this photograph. The painting is BRIGHT!

Mont Blanc. Oil on canvas 80x30cm    £200

Within the mountains. Oil on canvas.

24x24"   Unframed   £180         

Reflecting. Oil on canvas. 20x16" Framed £250

I spent a lot of time doing this during Lockdown, both figuratively and literally.

The Harbinger.  Mixed media 30"x24" unframed £180

We pass through time. Several layers of oil over several layers of acrylic on canvas. 40x80cm Unframed. £180

Rain on the sea. Acrylic on canvas.18"x22" including frame


Applecross, Highlands. Oil on paper. 39cmx34cm including box frame


recently sold. 

Temple. Mixed media on canvas. 40x60cm including frame. £150

* This temple is inspired by my one miraculous pilgrimage to India. It contains many references to Hindu deities, but, above all, I want to express the joy and freedom of their worship.

Meditation with singing bowls. Oil on canvas 53x38cm including frame.£150 

*The second of the trio from my pilgrimage.This is subtitled 'Fish out of water' which is how I felt in this particular place. 

Travelling. Oil on box canvas. 16x12" £70

* The third of the trio from my pilgrimage. It was the first I painted, full of snapshots from the travels. I really hope that these three will stay together, so, by itself, this canvas is £70.  It was not honoured with a frame, so, if you buy Temple and Meditation with singing bowls together, I will include this one for free. 

Snapshots (of Venice) Oil on canvas. 40x40cm £100

Unpredictable. Oil on canvas 30x24cm unframed    £100

Bright on Grey. 35x40cm  including wide black frame (not all shown in image) Oil on paper. £100

Ghosted. Acrylic on canvas 20x 16 " Unframed. £90

Nunney Spring. Oil                         £70

Angie's Delphiniums oil in box canvas 10x12" £75

Cave. Oil on canvas 20x16" £70

Ben Loyal. Oil on recycled canvas 70cmx50cm £60

Empty. Acrylic on canvas 12x12' £50

Highland glow. Acrylic on canvas. 12x12" £50

Greek village. Acrylic on canvas.

12x12" Unframed £50

Melting. Oil on canvas.12x12" Unframed £50

Cliff edge. Oil on canvas High gloss varnish.

30x45cm   £50

Some of the images from old family photographs.

Acrylic on MDF.

All are 18cmx18cm including black box frame.

£50 each

There's quite a variety of cards available. Various options: see 'Sales process' page. Better still, find the studio, first Tuesday every month!

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