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what's the point?

Pondering why I paint:

I said in my profile that I can't always find the right words to express the complexities of how I think or feel . I think it's the same for us all. Most of us can perceive the unspoken words in a conversation, the sentences left unfinished but implications understood, the ability to sense desire or contempt although the words spoken are polite. We receive a lot of understanding from facial expressions, (which makes portraiture such a challenge ) as well as our undefinable sensitivity to the emotions of others.

I've been thinking about my motivation for painting during this unusual time of covid19. I've had no exhibitions, no sales at all apart from family wanting to buy cards. I've also been unwell, so after the initial flurry of work, I've lost my mojo. Why paint when no-one sees or buys? I'm afraid I justify the hours and money I spend on painting by knowing that when I sell its double pleasure. Someone LIKES WHAT I DO! (so it must be all right) and I can give more money to the various humanitarian charities I support. But the desire to paint is more than this. Why do I persist?

-I enjoy the whole process

-I want to be the best artist I can be

so, here I go to the studio!

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