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About Me


I paint. I cannot find the words to express how I feel or think. So I paint.


I do not feel wholly responsible for the finished work as the painting itself has some accountability for its own creation.  I love taking risks with painting. I love letting the painting take control of me rather than vice versa.  This liberating way of playing with paint can sometimes lead to a piece of work I feel to be complete in itself, having had very little input from me. Usually though, the paint and I co-operate to produce a  disciplined response to the inspiration. 

I usually have several paintings on the go, looser abstracts to provide me with fun when working on other pieces with more precision. My objective is to convey a thought, an emotion, sharing something that words cannot express.  On occasion, the inspiration for a painting requires pure discipline, but, as I have said, my hope is to make an emotional connection with the viewer rather than just make an acceptable artwork. I enjoy the challenge of different genre. I do not wish to be categorised.





I have nurtured my own learning for the last fifteen years. It gives me much joy to be able to continue developing strong skill base within such an enormity of challenges and variety of skills. I experiment, fail, practice, get bored, have fun: always reaching forward to do the best I can. I  am not a professional artist and therefore enjoy the freedom to paint as I wish without worrying about sales. I do sell however, at local exhibitions, cafes, galleries, art trails etc. This gives me double pleasure:  first, someone LIKES WHAT I DO! Second, I can raise money for charity and feel smug. Prices? variable....

I like drawing in charcoal, painting in oil. Despite loudly proclaiming my love of colour (and my skills in its use) I generally find myself with just the warm and cool primaries on my palette plus white. I have jars of pigment, used for egg tempura, but my patience for this slow process is limited. I avoid anything that involves a keyboard. My favourite implements are at the end of my hands; fingers are so adaptable. And so easy to clean.

That’s enough ‘about’…please enjoy the website. Contact me with any enquiries.

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