Online Portfolio

Welcome to paintings by Lorna.

 I hope you enjoy browsing my website. It's good to be able to share this varied collection of my

work with you during this extraordinary time of global pandemic. A website can show  you more

than I can exhibit in the shared Whatley studio. You can see work that is no longer available, sketches

and practice pieces, all tumbling around together on the page.  They have been roughly grouped into

six headings within the portfolio but my paintings do not always easily fall into a category. You'll have

to explore! 

We open our shared studio on the first Tuesday of every month. (The Stables, Whatley, BA11 3JX)

 where you can see our paintings in a working studio. There's much more in the spacious gallery

upstairs, including unframed work and cards.  I also have my own small studio at home. 

  Paintings are fairly priced as I hope to give everybody the  opportunity to own original work. 

Enjoy your visit! Email any queries