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                                         Welcome to my website.

                              (such as it is from a technophobe........)

It's good to be able to share images of my paintings with you all over the world! Painting is a curious task as artists generally work in isolation but hope the product will please many.

I'm thankful that I've been able to keep outside contact with the world through the internet during the pandemic, but it's also made me turn inwards to become more reflective of my place on the planet. It has reinforced my raison d'etre for time spent on my art: a continuing desire to communicate without needing words.

I am (yet another) self taught artist, relishing the immensity of opportunities to experiment and explore. I have settled into the preferences of drawing with charcoal, painting with oil. My preferred method of working is to cover a canvas with an impulsive acrylic abstract, as lurid as I can possibly manage and then letting it rest for a week, a month, a year...Sometimes they speak to me inspiring a particular subject ('Temple' from the India series is one of these) sometimes I just need a canvas and will  paint over the abstract completely, but enjoy the serendipity of random shapes and colours incorporating with the more traditional overpainting. 

I hope the images I share with you prompt some emotional or thoughtful response within you.

I hope some of you are able to visit the shared studio in Somerset.  Our shared studio and gallery is open July 3rd-July 11th as part of the Frome Art Trail during Frome festival, Venue 18. It would be great if you could call in and see these paintings (and more) in real life!

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